The Great Dane Chronicles: Mr. Moose Caboose Finds His Way

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Mr. Moose Caboose is a Harlequin Great Dane who is just too unsure of who he really is. He has a struggle with identity for so many reasons. He thinks he's a boy, not a dog. His name is Moose, but he knows he's not a Moose. He looks like a cow, but he knows he's not a cow. He's from Buffalo, but he knows he's not a Buffalo. All of these things make Moose uncertain as to how he fits in smaller dogs also reject him because of his size. Moose finally "finds his way" and gains so much confidence. All it takes it to find someone who looks like him to show him he's not alone.

Paperback 34 pages, reading age 4 to 8 years.

About the Author

Johnathan Worden works and resides in Buffalo, New York with his husband, Nick - and their two sons, Mr. Moose Caboose and Sir Duke VonMerle. Johnathan is an organizational development professional and spinning instructor. The two Great Danes are the inspiration for The Great Dane Chronicles. Watch for continued adventures and lessons in kindness and inclusion from the Danes!
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