About Us



Bosco (Pyr) - October 2007 to July 14th, 2017, Nitro (newf) - Born September 2013, Leo, born in March 2017

BIG Gentle Dogs is a dba of Newf Emporium & Friends, Inc. The company is owned and operated by Jon Peck and Andrea Aldrich in the beautiful state of Vermont. 



In 1996 a young Newfoundland dog named Ephraim inspired my father (Ted) to start Newf Emporium. He began by offering only one item - a watch with a Newfoundland dog on it. Twelve years later my father had successfully grown the business to include over 350 gifts and 3 private collections.

In July of 2008, ownership of Newf Emporium was passed from father to son. Having spent 15 years in the fuel oil business and recently adopting a rescued Great Pyrenees puppy (Bosco), I was more than happy to switch careers and discuss dog toys rather than the world energy market. In early 2009, Andrea (my better half) and I decided to expand our gift line to include the Bernese Mountain dog. We launched a separate website called Berner Treasures and began attending all the BMDCA National Specialty shows in addition to the NCA Nationals and NCNE events which we have always attended. In 2011 we added three more large breeds to our gift line - Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees and Mastiff. In 2013 we added Leonberger and Great Dane, and decided it was time to change our name to BIG GENTLE DOGS. We did this to avoid confusion, as we attend multiple National Specialties each year.

This brings us up to now, and the new website which you are currently visiting. Our goal for this new site was to combine all of our gift lines in one place, as well as provide an easy to navigate, secure and fun shopping experience for you. Please contact us if you have any concerns or issues.



Our mission is to help improve and enhance the lives of all BIG dogs and their owners, by offering only the highest quality products, designed and tested for BIG dogs, as well as unique breed specific gifts for their owners, all in one convenient website.

Our goal is to source all of our products within the USA, and we back each and every item with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The short answer is because we love animals and large breed dogs in particular. There is just something magical about having a large, lovable, happy dog(s) in your life. We truly enjoy finding, creating and offering unique gifts to you.


To provide unique, high quality, exclusive, USA made gifts and supplies for your BIG dog, and a level of customer service which far exceeds your expectations.