Rocky and Splash's First Lighthouse Dog Adventure

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This is a children’s book about two adorable pups named Rocky and Splash and a lighthouse keeper’s family. Rocky is a male Great Pyrenees and Splash is a female Newfoundland. They are rescued from a sinking ship off Cape Candy Cane, Maine in 1900. The crew of the sinking ship gives the pups to the young son, Toby, and daughter, Becky, of the widow lighthouse keeper, Minnie, who has saved the crew’s lives. The mischievous pups dig up a time capsule leading to a history lesson for the kids. Later, Rocky uses his special claws and Splash uses her webbed feet to save Toby who has taken a boat out to sea without permission. Lessons are learned and lives are enriched by two wonderful dogs. This book is appropriate for grade school children and suitable for therapy dog reading and educational programs. Profits from the book will be donated to therapy dog organizations.

We have included 4 sample pages, so you can view images and read some of the wonderful text.

Dr. Tommy Dickey, Illustrated by A. Darling

Paperback, 36 pages – full color, printed in the USA. Limited Supply.


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