Newfie Therapy: Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book

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There's nothing quite like the peaceful act of coloring that brings joy to a child, but research has shown, it's an activity that is enjoyed by adults across the globe. 

TimberKnoll's Spirit Cove is an organization that provides Newfoundland dog pet therapy, otherwise known as 'NewfieTherapy' (c), to first responders, veterans/military families, people battling serious illness and the medical staff who care for them.

Historically, pet therapy has been offered as an in-person activity but with the challenges brought to our society by the inherent risks of Covid-19 we realized we needed to get more creative in our delivery of pet therapy services. Newfie Therapy Coloring books bring pet therapy into the virtual world and your purchase today will help us deliver free, stress relieving virtual and in person pet therapy to first responders and medical staff working in ICU's and emergency rooms throughout the county.

Paperback 53 pages.

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