borrowing hope

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This book is for anyone who needs hope.

What do you do when life throws you challenges that seem insurmountable - whether it's an illness that you or someone close to you is battling, loss of a job or loved one, the stress of Covid-19 or that you are experiencing a crisis of faith? The author learns she's been walking around with a brain crushing, life-threatening Meningioma and the knowledge launches her on a spiritual journey full of life reflection that is not only entertaining but will leave the reader laughing out loud. From dating celebrities to navigating corporate America, she finds hope and healing in the most unexpected places.

With the help of her daughter, whom she adopted from India and their massive Newfoundland dog, Chewie, Ms. Schiller will take you on a fast-moving ride that will leave you believing that anything is possible. There is not a lot written from the perspective of a person recuperating from major brain surgery. The experiences here could help anyone who needs to gain a deeper understanding of not just the incredible recuperative power of the brain but how life's painful lessons can be overcome and even celebrated for the answers and newfound purposes they can create.

Paperback - 169 pages

This book was written for one critical reason, to create hope where it is needed... and it accomplishes just that.


"In 'Borrowing Hope' Ms. Schiller brings us into her life in such detail that you, the reader, will be exposed to almost every fear you may harbor; cancer diagnosis or other major illness, job loss, financial and emotional insecurity; going from the top in your profession to fighting to survive at the bottom. With each chapter, you will see how Lisa overcomes the obstacle, beats the odds, while openly sharing the wisdom she accrues along the way."

Terry L. Murphy, Former Editor, Gannett Newspapers, Boston Herald. Cambridge, Ma.

"Lisa Schiller's book, 'Borrowing Hope,' is a testament to the human spirit. Her story reminds us to keep going, no matter the odds. She has experienced great highs and lows in her life but has never lost sight of the importance of family, friends, and her faith in God. Lisa has lived life to the fullest, walking through pain, fear, and near-death experiences. Each time she has taken something from those experiences to continue her path with an open heart and her willingness to give back to others. It is a book that will help you put your life in perspective, will offer one hope, and open your world to possibilities you might not have seen before. It'll make a great move!"

Bill Robertson, Writer/Producer, Los Angeles, CA.

About the Author

Lisa Schiller is an award-winning filmmaker and has been a successful global executive for a Fortune 500 company. She is a brain tumor survivor who has dedicated her life to spreading hope and healing through Newfoundland dog pet therapy. She has been published in Fortune and helped to establishTimberKnoll's Spirit Cove, an organization dedicated to aiding first responders, veterans/military families, seriously ill people, and medical staff, with the help of Newfoundland therapy dogs. She learned how to adapt from being an executive powerhouse traveling the world to living with daily migraines, neuropathy, and short-term memory challenges. Still, she navigates each day with hope and her primary mission, to spread that hope to others. She is a single mom to a magnificent daughter who helps her find humor in every new day. They are initially from Boston, MA, but now reside in South Carolina with their two majestic Newfoundland therapy dogs, Abraham and Chewie.

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