Jumbo Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl

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  • Magnum awaiting permission to begin.
  • Jumbo Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl
  • Jumbo Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl
  • Magnum hard at work.

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This JUMBO Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl is a heavy duty plastic bowl designed to slow rapid eating, promote regular digestion and prevent bloating and discomfort. The simple obstructions make dogs slow down to eat. Slower eating helps to make an animal feel more full therefore reducing instances of 're-eating'. This dog food bowl is designed with a rubberized base to prevent slippage while your dog is eating. It is dishwasher safe as well as bacteria resistant. Measures 13 in. diameter x 3 in. deep. Made of Polypropylene plastic. Available in Blue or White. Please select desired color.

Customer Testimonial, received February 2, 2013:


"Maggs (short for Magnum) came to us as a rescue. We have had him for 2 years this past Jan. 14th but he still is anxious about his food and worried that he might be deprived in some way. He thinks he has to hurry eating in case someone takes his dish away. This bowl is an answer to our concern about his eating too fast. He is a big fellow, very strong, and was sliding his lightweight bowl all over the place and the food spaces were rather small for his face. He is able to eat ever so properly now.
I thank you for making this product available."
Patty Aarons 
Michigan, USA

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