"Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

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  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
  • "Help Em' Up Harness" - Large 80 to 125 lbs (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

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Harness is $122.50 plus $15.00 for shipping in USA.

Weight Capacity – 80 to 125 pounds Measurements Neck: 20-32″ Chest: 20-64″ Waist: 22-47″. Medium built dogs up to larger heavier dogs and slimmer, lighter versions of the largest breeds.

Orders received after 12pm EST will not ship until the following business day (M-F).

You must also select your desired hip lift configuration - conventional vs. U-shaped. Be sure to watch the videos.


Examples are: Retrievers, Shepherds, Boxers, Akitas, Dobermans, Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Rotties, Swiss Mountain and Greyhounds.

If your dog is on the cusp of a size/weight, we recommend sizing down!

These harnesses have 9 different areas of adjustment – so each harness can be articulated to your dog’s specific needs. The large harness covers a broad range of dogs within the arc of 80-125 pounds.

The Large Harness is our most popular dog harness, based on size and weight of most common dog breeds.

Select a dog harness size based on your dog’s weight first, then take measurements for accuracy. If your dog’s weight is on the cusp of the dog harness sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Larger rear handle on the Hip Lift provides comfort and support when lifting very large dogs. The Help ‘Em Up Harness is machine-washable with mild detergent. Set to delicate cycle and air dry for best results. Available in one color - Black and Gray with Blue accents. 

The HelpEmUp Harness is a complete shoulder and hip harness system that can significantly benefit aging and injured dogs and those recuperating from surgery. Also dogs suffering from muscle loss or other muscle degenerative diseases. By placing a pair of handles where you can easily reach them, this unique harness allows you to lend assistance at any moment. Designed so that dogs can wear it for extended periods of time it’s there when you or they need it. It is very helpful for dogs that are having trouble rising from a lying or sitting position, climbing up or down stairs or getting in and out of vehicles. Padded with Neoprene, and lined with air flow fabric and Microfibre fleece, The HelpEmUp has a unique lifting application, it lifts the mass of the dogs weight from below, from underneath. This reduces the chance of pinching vital nerves or pulling on injured or arthritic joints. The T-shaped pad in front lifts the dogs chest completely and the belly band, support straps and mobile pelvic pad, together create a triangulation of lift, the three elements working together to lift the entire pelvis from the pelvic floor. Edges are lined with fleece and straps are covered or padded with neoprene.

 Choosing the Correct Hip Lift

      The Conventional Hip Lift

  • The best fit for all females and most males

    The conventional version of our dog lifting harness by Blue Dog Designs has a solid belly band and works very well for all female dogs and the majority of male dogs.

    It has two fasteners on the belly band, for easier centering, a moveable pelvic pad and padded support straps. For most male dogs, the penis comes out forward of the belly band, allowing them to urinate freely. We recommend this version for most dogs.

    The moveable pelvic pad is made of neoprene and covered with fleece. It should be positioned under the pelvic plate, to provide additional support for the hips and spine. It can be made narrower to avoid irritation and it locks in place with velcro. It can be removed for male dogs who are intact, for added comfort. 

    For most male dogs, the conventional belly band fits in front of the hind legs, behind the penis.

    The whole penis shown here is farther forward of the hind legs. You need about 1-2 inches of space behind the penis in front of the hind legs for the conventional band (our solid belly band) to fit.

  • The U-Band Hip Lift

    The ultimate dog support harness for male dogs whose penis is located farther back.

    The U-shaped opening in the belly band provides clearance for those male dogs who may be hindered from urinating by the conven tional version. These dogs have a penis that is located further back between their hind legs. The U-shaped opening helps them to urinate freely.

    The armature used to create this opening is padded but even so we do not recommend letting dogs lay in for extended periods of time.

    Note: Dog harnesses are sold as a front & back combination. We do not recommend using the Hip Lift by itself as it may slide off, possibly causing injury to your dog. Also, do not leave it on your dog for over-extended lengths of time. Use it as needed and then when possible – remove. 

  • On 20-25 percent of male dogs, the tip of their penis starts farther back between their legs. The U-band shape provides an easy opening so they can urinate freely.The penis shown here is between or even with the front of hind legs.

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