The Leprechaun's Big Pot of Gold

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What good is a pot of gold if you can't remember where you buried it? That is the precise question on the mind of this frustrated little leprechaun, whose mood could not be more glum as a result. He follows rainbows in vain each afternoon and fiddles sad songs alone in his cottage at night. But in the midst of his frantic search for his pot of gold, he happens upon a big, fluffy Newfoundland dog he names Goldie and then a beautiful cat, Rainbow. What he discovers along the way is something much more precious than gold-true friendship, what he has really been searching for all along. This sweet tale of friendship and luck is illustrated with the detailed paintings of Patricia Reeder Eubank, who is also the author. Board book, 6.5 x 6.5, 20 pages, ages 2 to 5.




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