Chewie the Newfie: Mystery of the Holiday Bells

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 This is the first in a joyful children's series about a Newfoundland puppy named Chewie. Chewie is a playful dog who lives with his mother Sunny and his 10 sisters and brothers. His stories are full of self-discovery and simple life lessons that help him gain confidence in himself while learning how to help make the world a better place. In 'Chewie the Newfie and the Mystery of the Holiday Bells', Chewie learns that helping others not only helps them but feels good in the process. He learns what it takes to be a therapy dog and the importance of listening to one's personal instincts and heart, as it will always guide you to doing what's right. The illustrations in the book are absolutely beautiful. Holly Bloom-Ranieri is a talented artist who brings the Newfoundland dog personality and beauty to life with the creation of every page. This book is a work of art that will bring joy to any child (or adults) this holiday season and throughout the year.

Paperback 77 pages.


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