"Organic Nose Butter"

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Does your dog have a dry, crusty, yucky nose? Then you need... Nose Butter....for dry, cracked, yukky, crusty noses. Made of 100 percent Organic Shea Butter (unrefined, of course), organic avocado oil, and Vitamin E oil, 100% Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy from Young Living Oils.  MADE IN THE USA - 1 oz. tin $11.95 or 2 oz. tin $16.95.

NOSE BUTTER is an uber-moisturizer made of ingredients your dog's nose absorbs in layers. First the lighter oils soak in and bring fast relief, next the medium weight oils are absorbed adding a layer of deeper moisturizing and then the heavy-duty butters melt into your dog's nose, bring extra relief and moisturizing oomph. This is why using any one of the ingredients helps…some, but not for long.

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